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: Feb. 12, 2018

AppSwarm (SWRM) to Build Crypto Currency Exchange, with News Wire Services

(NEW YORK)--AppSwarm, Corp (OTC: SWRM), a company that focuses on the acquisition and development of application-based technologies, is embarking on building a crypto currency trading platform that may include news wire services for coins listed.

The Company tweeted they had closed a contract to build out a new digital crypto currency trading platform for cleint, and this may include integrating their Crypto News Service.

There may be many exchanges where investors may trade a number of different crypto coins, but not many also include a news wire services to provide updates and news from coins listed, which should easily help increase trading revenues for coins listed on that exchange.

AppSwarm integrating their Bitcoin tracking app Bitchart, and their new wires distribution service with a trading platform could quickly put SWRM on the map within the Bitcoin trading community.

News of this new contract is expected to be released shortly as SWRM currently trades around the $0.05 market on the OTC Markets exchange.

Current Projects

- Bitcoin Exchange and News Platform
- AI Enabled Smart Applications with AI VentureTech, Inc.
- Smart Home and Business Applications
- Bitchart Crypto Currency Tracking App
- Crypto News Service
- Mobile Bitcoin Payment Platform with SinglePoint (OTC:SING)
- Bitcoin Wallet with USA Real Estate Holding (OTC:USTC)

AI Enabled Mobile Applications

The Company recently announced partnership with AI VentureTech for the development of mobile and cloud-based applications in such areas as artificial intelligence, blockchain logistics, IoT applications, automation, and corporate virtual assistants and chatbots. The goal will be to assist corporations of varying sizes in becoming more productive and cost-efficient in their operations by implementing these new technologies and tools.

To get an idea how attractive this sector is just take a look at Gopher Protocol (OTC:GOPH) and their recent rise from $0.30 to roughly $1.50 today. As newer versions of smartphoens all come out with A.I. technology embedded a new wave of 'smart apps' will be needed, and AppSwarm could be on the lead within that sector.

Smart Home and Business Applications

AppSwarm is also be developing and acquiring mobile application tools and platforms that will assist small to medium size businesses by increasing productivity, and managing their data in cloud storage.

AppSwarm’s Business Application Division will provide a suite of mobile applications to assist businesses, and smart homes in the areas of data encryption and cyber security, cloud storage, content management and delivery, digital payments, automation, and customer loyalty marketing solutions, and Internet of Things (IoT) such as smart home device management.

Bitchart Mobile Tracking App

AppSwarm (SWRM) new BitChart app is a sleek and interactive way to visualize the bitcoin price index through your smart phone. It provides up to date spot price and the daily changes to Bitcoin, and utilizes real time alerts to keep an eye on price shifts. Analyze historical trends with the swipe of a finger, with easy access to the current spot price with the BitChart Notification Center widget.

AppSwarm (SWRM) beta version of Bitchart app can be download now at

Ron Brewer, the CEO of AppSwarm, Inc. commented, “The need for media distribution and timely information within the Cryptocurrency market is highly underserved. We feel offering distribution and advisory services to smaller Cryptocurrency companies could create an excellent revenue model for Bitcharts going forward, while also providing increased transparency and disclosure for these companies enabling them to be prepared in advance of new regulatory changes in the future. These additional contacts may enhance lead generation for our suite of mobile and cloud-based applications to this emerging industry and through a number of joint ventures and partnerships.”

Research Target

Ludlow Research upgraded their valuation target on SWRM from $0.10 to $0.15 to $0.20 to $0.25 per share, or $12 to $15 million market cap based on current shares outstanding.

Register for Future Updates

The Company announced plans to provide regular updates to their research opinion on SWRM based on increasing interest within the Bitcoin sector. Investors interested in receiving updates on their report, or other Bitcoin related stocks making news, can register to our investor mailing list here

About AppSwarm

AppSwarm, Inc. is a technology development and incubation company focused in accelerating the development of mobile applications and technology, fast-tracking product to market. AppSwarm partners with application developers through joint ventures, royalty agreements, marketing partnerships, and outright purchase agreements.



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